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Carol here from Pure Elegance Scarves and welcome to our online store which specialises in elegant accessories for women.

I am passionate about our scarves and bag holders as I believe they are a great addition to every woman’s wardrobe and over time will be adding more accessories guided by your requirements and feedback.

I started this online store with a desire to have all women experience and enjoy the satisfaction that the ownership and wearing of a beautiful scarf can provide. They can be used in a variety of styles and situations be that for elegant or casual wear, in the colder months for warmth or the warmer months for fashion or protection, are a desirable accessory for women of all ages and come in a variety of textiles.
In short, we women normally have a large variety and selection of shoes, jackets, dresses, etc and yet most don’t have a selection of scarves, the single most important item of clothing that can be added to our wardrobe that provides us with the most versatility of all our women’s accessories.

Following the passion to bring further Pure Elegance products to women we have now added a range of beautiful and practical bag holders. Bag holders are not only a practical product but have added values in the provision of hygiene and security. Check out our range of pure elegance bag holders and make sure you have that favourite photo ready to insert into your purchase of your personalised bag holder.  

It is my aim to make your shopping for women’s accessories a pleasurable and convenient experience while at the same time giving you security in the knowledge that we only stock products of the highest quality.

Please Enjoy!


Pure Elegance Scarves